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Manila ACM SIGGRAPH is a Professional Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group in Computer Graphics, serving the Metro Manila area. We promote knowledge and interest in the educational, artistic, and scientific aspects of computer graphics and interactive technology, Manila ACM SIGGRAPH is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers.

With the booming interest in computer graphics and game development within the Philippines in the past few years, it was inevitable that we had to take the initiative and institute the country’s first ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter in order to help establish and elevate the knowledge and innovation of computer graphics and interactive technology in the Philippine Community.

Executive Summary


The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a US based international learned society for computing. ACM is organized into over 170 local chapters and 35 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), through which it conducts most of its activities, (ex. SIGGRAPH).

ACM SIGGRAPH is the New York–based Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH). SIGGRAPH holds yearly conferences in the United States/Canada and just recently Asia. With thousands in attendance each year, along with chapters all over the world, SIGGRAPH is considered to be the largest computer graphics organization on the planet.

Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Goals

ACM SIGGRAPH Mission Statement:

ACM SIGGRAPH’s mission is to foster and celebrate innovation in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. The organization promotes its vision by bringing people together in physical, on-line, and asynchronous communities to invent, inspire, and redefine the many creative and technical artifacts, disciplines, and industries that are touched by computer graphics and interactive techniques.

ACM SIGGRAPH Vision Statement:
ACM SIGGRAPH strives to be the premiere community and catalyst for the creation, promotion and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

ACM SIGGRAPH Values Statement:
ACM SIGGRAPH is built on a fundamental set of values and strives to support and follow these values in all its activities.

These values are:
• Excellence: ACM SIGGRAPH values excellence in the information and experience provided by our products and activities.
• Integrity: ACM SIGGRAPH values personal and organizational integrity in the selection of our content and in our interpersonal and organizational relationships.
• Volunteerism: ACM SIGGRAPH values volunteers and volunteerism in an environment that actively supports its volunteers.
• Passion: ACM SIGGRAPH values the passion our community feels for ACM SIGGRAPH and for the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques.
• Cross-Disciplinary Interaction: ACM SIGGRAPH values the interaction among the many disciplines that make up our community.

ACM SIGGRAPH Strategic Goals
ACM SIGGRAPH’s goals define what the organization wants to achieve. Each goal includes key organizational actions.

Goal 1. Be the premier catalyst for the advancement of computer graphics and interactive technologies.
• Be a catalyst for research and development in the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques.
• Be a catalyst for research and development in fields that demand new technology in computer graphics and interactive techniques.
• Provide the forum of choice for the introduction of innovative products in the field.
• Develop personalized and greatly expanded online services for year-round online access.
Goal 2. Foster the innovative and creative application of computer graphics and interactive techniques.
• Attract new disciplines to the field.
• Support early adopters of computer graphics technology.
• Provide networking opportunities to enable cross-fertilization.
• Foster collaborations and interdisciplinary interactions that will advance computer graphics and interactive technologies.
Goal 3. Promote computer graphics and interactive techniques through education and professional development.
• Provide information to educators, both those who teach computer graphics and those who use computer graphics to teach other disciplines.
• Provide information to educators who use computer graphics to teach other disciplines
• Provide educational opportunities to help computer graphics professionals get started.
• Promote student membership and access to SIGGRAPH materials and activities.
• Be a reliable, objective source of information about computer graphics and interactive techniques.
• Promote the field of computer graphics in terms understood by decision makers, including funding agencies, politicians, and university and industrial administrators.
Goal 4. Develop and maintain an effective organization to accomplish these goals.
• Be a membership organization in which members take pride.
• Be an organization that values its volunteers for their skills, commitment, and mentoring of new volunteers.
• Seek new membership opportunities.
• Continually strive for strategic decision-making.
• Strive for effective communication among volunteers and members.
• Continually monitor progress and success.
• Ensure that all ACM SIGGRAPH activities, products, and processes exhibit a high degree of excellence.
Goal 5. Pursue involvement from the entire worldwide community in computer graphics and interactive techniques.
• Collaborate with other societies worldwide in the advancement of computer graphics and interactive techniques, helping to form new societies when appropriate.
• Because ACM SIGGRAPH is an international society, keep globalization and global thinking as an essential part of all strategic planning.

Organizational Summary

What are SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters about?

ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters are non-profit year-round groups that bring new inspiration and innovation to the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. Professional Chapters share knowledge with other chapters (both student and professional), provide industry and mentor connections, and promote collaboration with the international ACM SIGGRAPH community.

There are currently 6 ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters in the SIGGRAPH ASIA Region. Establishing SIGGRAPH Manila as lucky #7 will allow the Philippines to host a SIGGRAPH Asia Conference in the near future, and would be a huge milestone for the computer graphics community in the Philippines.

SIGGRAPH Manila will be hosting the following type of events:
• Workshops on various software packages.
• Workshops on various hardware components/peripherals.
• Behind the scenes Pipeline Shot Breakdowns of V-FX scenes
• Industry Panelist Workshops – A Panelist does a presentation on his/her works in the industry.
• Industry Career Panels – People in the industry talk about their jobs and how to land a job in their field.
• BYOA Social – Bring Your Own Animation – Feedback and Constructive Criticism, with food and drinks!
• Presentations of current and future trends in interactive technologies
• Paid Members Only Special Events
• Sponsorship Socials – Sponsor does a presentation and demonstration of their product(s).
• And many more…

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